Participants attending Day Services begin their day at one of three sites that are located in Rochester and Dover or at an agreed upon meeting location in the community or place of employment.  Throughout the day participants take part in meaningful activities that increase their independence and support them in the pursuit and maintenance of employment opportunities.  Community Partners accomplishes this through a variety of interactive programs both at our sites and in the community.


We focus our services in 3 areas:

  • Vocational activities
  • Creative Arts activities
  • Health, Wellness activities & Life Skills development


We support each participant as an individual, providing opportunities to get involved in a variety of activities.  The following are incorporated into some of the curriculum of each Day Service:

  • Vocational skill building
  • Job Support
  • Contracted employment opportunities
  • Small /Micro Business development
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Functional skills development
  • Behavioral supports
  • Socially integrated community and recreational activities
  • Clinical services such as physical therapy and occupational therapy consultation on an as needed basis.