We connect our clients and their families to opportunities and possibilities for full participation in their communities.

Community Partners is a non-profit organization designated by the State of New Hampshire as the Community Mental Health Center and the Area Agency for Developmental Services for Strafford County, NH. In 2016 we served 4,778 individuals and families, providing services that included: crisis intervention, community supports and services, residential care, case management, vocational supports, individual, group and family therapy, Early Supports and Services for infants and young children with developmental disabilities, and many other services.

We have a long and rich history of providing critical supports and services for individuals and families living with developmental disabilities and/or behavioral health challenges, and are one of only two places in the state where people can find both behavioral health and developmental supports and services within one agency.

We provide a wide array of services both on-site and in the community. Our staff members are recognized for their expertise in such areas as Early Intervention, Family Support, individual and family therapy and psychiatric assessment. In addition, we do a great job of providing the employment, housing and other services that make it possible for consumers to live and work in their communities. We have offices in several Strafford County communities, and are uniquely positioned to meet consumers where they are and make it easy for them to get the full array of services they need.

In addition to the work we do with individuals and families, we have strong relationships with area schools, hospitals, municipalities, service providers, policy makers, state government officials, and others. These external connections are critical to creating communities that recognize, support and celebrate the contributions of each and every resident.

We are committed to empowering consumers to reach their potential, have strong interdependent relationships, and live full and independent lives. We envision a day when every community recognizes the value, gifts and potential of every member of the community, including those with behavioral health and/or developmental challenges, and actively encourages and supports their full participation in community life.