Youth Transition Program

Community Partners’ Youth Transition Program is proud to provide a new opportunity to transition-age youth who experience mental health challenges and/or developmental disabilities and their families.

61 Locust Street
McConnell Center Suite 340
Dover NH

Through funding partnerships with school special education departments, Vocational Rehabilitation and the Bureau of Developmental Services, we are pleased to offer the services of the Youth Transition Program for eligible high school students. The Youth Transition Program is designed to assist youth in exploring future career and employment options, opportunities for community involvement, and resources available to them in adulthood.  Program participants will also benefit from life coaching, volunteer or internship experiences, person-centered futures planning and development of sustainable, natural supports to utilize in the future.

For those families interested in utilizing Self-Directed Services in the future (an Adult Services program option for eligible individuals with a developmental disability), the program is also intended to be a  training ground to prepare families for future responsibilities related to that program.

Youth Transition Program Staff will work with each participant to develop a three-part program, which includes:

  • Creation of Community Identity
  • Integrated Employment Opportunities
  • Family Support & Futures Planning

Click here to download the Youth Transition Program Brochure.

Youth Transition Program has a clear focus on helping youth develop employability skills where appropriate, provides a comprehensive set of services for the student and family, uses positive youth development principles, employs quality staff, and provides follow-up services.

The purpose of Community Partners’ Youth Transition Program is to provide transition-age youth with the knowledge, skills, experiences and supports necessary for them to be successful adults productively and actively engaged in employment, community and family.

Through meaningful and intentionally structured experiences in the Youth Transition Program, youth gain skills and competencies in areas where national research has shown competencies can lead to positive outcomes in adulthood and employment—basic academic skills, thinking skills, and personal qualities such as self-esteem, sociability, self-management and integrity.

Let us take this journey with you to discover and realize future possibilities!

Youth Transition Program Team:

  • Catherine Allen, Program Supervisor
  • Todd Wormstead, Program Coordinator & ACRE-certified Job Specialist
  • Paula Fraser, Youth Transition Account Manager
  • Youth Transition Coaches

If you would like more information on the Youth Transition Program please contact your agency representative or Catharine Allen at (603) 516-9300 or